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A pseudo-plastic engagement effect on the toughening of discontinuous fiber-reinforced brittle composites


In brittle composites, such as whisker reinforced ceramics, the sliding of reinforcing fibers against the frictional resistance of matrix is of a pseudo-plastic deformation mechanism. High aspect-ratio whiskers possess larger pseudo-plastic deformation ability but are usually sparse; while, low aspect-ratio ones were distributed widely in the matrix and show low pseudo-plastic deformation ability (engagement effect), also. A comparative investigation was carried out in present study based on a multi-scale network model. The results indicate that the effect of low aspect-ratio whiskers is of most importance. Improving the engagement coefficient by raising the compactness of material seems a more practical way for optimization of discontinuous fiber-reinforced brittle composites in the present technological condition.

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Correspondence to Xiao-Yu Liu or Wei-Dong Yan or Nai-Gang Liang.

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Liu, X., Yan, W. & Liang, N. A pseudo-plastic engagement effect on the toughening of discontinuous fiber-reinforced brittle composites. Metals and Materials 4, 242–246 (1998).

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Key words

  • engagement effect
  • bridging
  • discontinuous fiber-reinforced brittle composites
  • multi-scale network model
  • strengthening/toughening of material