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Laboratory evaluation of poison carrier for the control of Indian gerbil,Tatera indica Hardwicke

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Tatera indica, a common rodent pest of Indian agriculture, quickly develops poison aversion and bait-shyness towards zinc phosphide, the only acute rodenticide known to farming community. For managing residual population of field rodents, alternate baits are, therefore, required. The present study gives the results of bait preference studies conducted onT. indica.

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Jain, A.P., Prakash, I. Laboratory evaluation of poison carrier for the control of Indian gerbil,Tatera indica Hardwicke. Proc Ani Sci 92, 253–261 (1983).

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  • Tatera indica
  • poison carrier
  • bait preference
  • additives
  • choice test
  • Indian gerbil
  • energy budget