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Studies on someTetracotyle Fillipi (1859) metacercariae from fishes of Lucknow


Three unknownTetracotyle metacercariae, collected from piscine host, have been described.Tetracotyle pandei n.sp.,Tetracotyle srivastavai n.sp. AndTetracotyle ramalingi n.sp. were collected from the visceral organs and musculature ofChanna punctatus (Bl.). They are characterised by the shape and position of pseudosuckers, shape of hold fast organ and hold fast gland, number and postion of genital rudiment and pattern of reserve excretory system.

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Correspondence to Nirupama Agrawal.

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Agrawal, N., Khan, S. Studies on someTetracotyle Fillipi (1859) metacercariae from fishes of Lucknow. Proc Ani Sci 91, 515–521 (1982).

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  • Tetracotyle pandei n.sp.
  • Tetracotyle srivastavai n.sp.
  • Tetracotyle ramalingi n.sp.
  • Metacercariae
  • Channa punctatus (BL).