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Development of Fe−12%Cr mechanical-alloyed nano-sized ODS heat-resistant ferritic alloys

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The development of mechanical alloying (MA)-oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) heat-resistant ferritic alloys of Fe−12%Cr with W, Ti and Y203 additions were carried out. Fe−12%Cr alloys with 3%W, 0.4%Ti and 0.25% Y203 additions showed a much finer and more uniform dispersion of oxide particles among the alloy system studied. Nano-sized oxides dispersed in the alloys suppress the grain growth during annealing at a high temperature and resulted in the remarkable improvement of creep strength. The oxide phase was identified as a complex oxide type of Y−Ti−O.

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Kim, I., Choi, B. Development of Fe−12%Cr mechanical-alloyed nano-sized ODS heat-resistant ferritic alloys. Met. Mater. Int. 8, 265–270 (2002). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03186095

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  • heat-resistant ferritic alloys
  • mechanical alloying (MA)
  • oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS)
  • high temperature strength
  • creep
  • nano-sized oxides