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Deep drawing with internal air-pressing to increase the limit drawing ratio of aluminum sheet

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The effects of internal air-pressing on deep drawability are investigated in this study to increase the deep drawability of aluminum sheet. The conventional deep drawing process is limited to a certain limit drawing ratio(LDR) beyong which failure will occur. The intention of this work is to examine the possibilities of relaxing the above limitation through the deep drawing with internal air-pressing, aiming towards a process with an increased drawing ratio. The idea which may lead to this goal is the use of special punch that can exert high pressure on the internal surface of deforming sheet during the deep drawing process. Over the ranges of conditions investigated for Al-1050, the local strain concentration at punch nose radius area was decreased by internal air-pressing of punch, and the deep drawing with internal air-pressing was proved to be very effective process for obtaining higher LDR.

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Moon, Y.H., Kang, Y.K., Park, J.W. et al. Deep drawing with internal air-pressing to increase the limit drawing ratio of aluminum sheet. KSME International Journal 15, 459–464 (2001).

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Key Words

  • Deep Drawing
  • Internal Air-Pressing
  • Limit Drawing Ratio(LDR)
  • Al-1050