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A system for rapid design and manufacturing of custom-tailored shoes

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Rapid design and production techniques are indispensable for the custom-made production systems. For manufacturing custom-made shoes, the shoelast should be designed rapidly from the individual foot model. In this paper, we develop an integrated system for rapid design and manufacturing of custom-tailored shoes. The foot shape measurement sub-system allows scanning a standard shoelast and an individual foot and then extracts the three-dimensional crosssectional data of the shoelast and the human foot shape from the captured image data. The shoelast design sub-system uses the scanned data to design new customized shoelast curves or surfaces with the heeling and mixing algorithms built in this system. The pattern design subsystem provides a method, which transforms a shoe-upper surface designed by a stylist into a flat-pattern that can be manufactured. We also export the surface model to an NC machine to manufacture the physical shoelast model.

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Park, S., Lee, K., Kim, J. et al. A system for rapid design and manufacturing of custom-tailored shoes. KSME International Journal 14, 675–689 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03184443

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