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Fabrication of silicon nitride/ boron nitride nanocomposite powder


Si3N4/BN nanocomposite powders with the microstructure of the micro-sized α-Si3N4 particles coated with nano-sized BN particles were synthesized via the chemical reaction of boric acid, urea, and α-Si3N4powder in a hydrogen gas. The results of XRD, TEM, and selected area electron diffraction showed that amorphous BN and a little amount of turbostratic BN(t-BN) were coated on Si3N4 particles as the second phase after reaction at 1100°C. After reheating the composite powders at 1450°C in a nitrogen gas, the amorphous and turbostratic BN is transformed into h-BN. These nanocomposite powders can be used to prepare Si3N4/BN ceramic composites by hot-pressing at 1800°C, which have perfect machinability and can be drilled with normal metal tools.

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  • silicon nitride
  • boron nitride
  • composites
  • microstructure
  • machinability