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Discovery of ophiolite in southeast Yunnan, China

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The Babu ophiolite in Malipo County, SE Yunnan, consists of three units: ultramafic, mafic and basaltic rocks. Studies of geological mapping, petrology and geochemistry reveal that the gabbro is similar to that in the Troodos ophiolite, and the diabase and basalt belong to a normal MORB-type, analogous to the Shuanggou ophiolite in west Yunnan. The ophiolite studied as a thrust tectonic slab, was overthrust northwards onto the Late Paleozoic-Triassic deep marine deposits of continental margin. It is inferred to be relics of Paleotethyan ocean; namely, a branch of Paleotethys occurs in South China, where the tectonic nature and evolutional history of the area should be reconsidered.

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  • Babu in SE Yunnan