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Visualizations of the transitional flow patterns at the mid-span between shrouded co-rotating disks

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Transitional air flow patterns at the mid-plane of gap between co-rotating disks in a stationary cylindrical enclosure are visualized under the acceleration condition of disks. The flow visualization is performed using olive oil particles with a laser sheet and CCD camera. On disk spinning-up, the transition flow patterns are clearly observed. The affect of magnitude of acceleration on the onset of transition and the relations of the number of vortex cells in fully turbulent regime of the flow in an outer region of the flow field to the rotating speed are also investigated. The centrifugal effect of particle is evaluated from the comparison with visualization results using hollow glass spheres.

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Author information

Correspondence to D -W. Kong.

Additional information

Dae-Wee Kong: He received his B.S. degree in 1998 and M.S. degree in 2001 from Yonsei University, Seoul. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the school of Mechanical Engineering from the same university. He was a research worker at the CISD (Center for Information Storage Device, Seoul) from 2001 to 2005. He is also a student member of ASME. His current research interests are computational fluid dynamics, rotating flow instability, and measurement with PIV.

Won-Gu Joo: He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in 1978 and 1981 respectively from Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University. He obtained his Ph.D. at Department of Engineering of University of Cambridge in 1994. He is currently working at Yonsei University in Korea as an associate professor. His current research interests are rotating flows, fluid-structure interaction, and turbomachinery aerodynamics.

Deug-Hee:Doh: He received B.A. and M.S degrees at Korea Maritime University (KMU) in 1985 and 1988. He obtained his PhD. degree at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Tokyo, Japan in 1995. His graduate work is on the development of 3D-PTV and simultaneous measurement techniques on temperature and velocity fields for thermal flows. He worked as an invited researcher for the Advanced Fluid Engineering Research Center (AFERC) in 1995. He has been working for Korea Maritime University since 1995 at the Division of Mechanical and Information Engineering. His research interests are to develop spatial measurement techniques such as 3D-PIVs, 3D-PTVs, micro-4D-PIV/4D-PTV for nano-/bio- flows.

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Kong, D.-., Joo, W.-. & Doh, D.-. Visualizations of the transitional flow patterns at the mid-span between shrouded co-rotating disks. J Vis 10, 381–388 (2007).

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