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State of the art of color interferometry at ONERA

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At ONERA-Lille center a lot of studies have been conducted to characterize complex flows using an optical method based on differential interferometry with Wollaston prism and white polarized light source. Several applications are presented in two-dimensional and axisymmetric flows and in a gaseous mixture where the two gases interface is submitted to acceleration. Then, real-time color holographic interferometry (RCHI) has been developed to obtain the refractive index itself in two dimensional wake flow. The last improvements concern the extension of this method for analyzing three dimensional flows. The authors present a specific setup defined in a single sight direction, the aim being to reproduce the same optical setup along several sight directions, each shifted by a given angle. This optical technique uses reflection holograms where the diffraction efficiency of plates is strongly influenced by the variations in the gelatin thickness produced during the holograms treatment. Problems are discussed and solutions are proposed to control the gelatin shrinkage for two different types of used holograms. The results obtained in a one sight direction make it possible to build in the future an optical setup allowing several simultaneous line-of-sight optical measurements.

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Jean-Michel Desse: Doctor/Engineer, he works in the National Office of Studies and Aerospatial Researches (0NERA) from 1979. His research interests cover high speed visualizations adapted to the measurements of the gas density field and more specially, differential interferometry using Wollaston prism and white light source. His current activities concern the development of optical methods based on real-time color holographic interferometry and also the characterization of panchromatic holograms for the analysis of the unsteady 3D flows.

Jean-Louis Tribillon: Doctor/Engineer, famous specialist in color holography. He has a very large experience in color holography using continuous and pulsed lasers and he has recorded a lot of large color holograms known in the entire world. He is working at the Délégation Générale á l’Armement, Direction des Systémes de Forces et de la Prospective, Mission pour la Recherche et l’Innovation Scientifique.

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  • High speed interferometry
  • Color holography
  • High speed flow
  • Panchromatic hologram