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Compositional conversion of feldspathic phase in granitoids and its application to rock-forming temperature calculation

  • Huang Maoxin 


Based on the data on plagioclase number of granitoids and whole-rock chemical analysis, the author has proposed that the percentage of molecules of albite in the coexisting plagioclase and alkali-feldspar can be obtained by direct conversion through a petro-chemical approach. Then, the result is substituted into the formula of J. A. Whitney and J. C. Stormer, Jr. (1975, 1977) to work out, the temperatures at which the coexisting feldspars crystallized, i.e., the possible rock-forming temperature of granitoids. Rock-forming temperature values computed by this method as described in the present paper are in good agreement with those by other geothermometries.


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  • Huang Maoxin 
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  1. 1.Chengdu Geological CollegeChina

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