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Crystal structure of daqingshanite

  • Ximen Lulu 
  • Peng Zhizhong 


Daqinshanite, a new mineral recently discovered in China, is a kind of strontium-rare earth-bearing phosphate-carbonate. The ideal formula is: (Sr, Ca, Ba), RF(PO4)(CO3)3. The mineral belongs to the trigonal system. The intensity data were collected with a single-crystal four-circle diffractometer. The lattice parameters are given as:a=10.058(±0.002) Å;c=9.225(±0.003) Å. Space group=R3m,Z=3. The crystal structure was solved by Patterson and electron density synthesis methods. The least-squares refinement led to a final conventional factorR=0.079.

Crystal structural analysis shows that daqingshanite is of calcite-type structure and the ordered model of cations is similar to that of huntite (Mg3Ca(CO3)4).


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  • Ximen Lulu 
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  • Peng Zhizhong 
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  1. 1.Beijing Graduate School of Wuhan Geological CollegeChina

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