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Uraninite—An economic uranium mineral in metamorphic uranium deposit No. 3075

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Uraninite from the metamorphic deposit investigated is divided into two groups on the basis of its occurrence and physical and chemical properties. Uraninite of the first group occurs as distorted crystals in the form of elongated cubesa {100}; the second group occurs mainly in the form of rhombo-dodecahedrad {100}, all belonging to the GaF2 type in the isometric system. The chemical formulae are 8UO2·UO3·PbO for the first group and 5UO2·UO3·PbO for the second. Isotopic dating yields 1,900 and 300 m. y. for the formation time of uraninite in this deposit. The former value corresponds to the main mineralization period and the latter represents the reformation event.

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