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Three new species of gregarines from termites


Three new species of gregarines,Gregarina macrotermitis fromMacrotermitis estherae (Desn),Steinina coptotermi fromCoptotermes heimi andAnthorhynchus hanumanthi fromOdontotermes sp. from India have been described and their systematic position is discussed along with that of all the gregarine parasites from termites.

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Kalavati, C., Narasimhamurti, C.C. Three new species of gregarines from termites. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Animal Sciences) 87, 397–404 (1978).

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  • Gregarina macrotermitis
  • Steinina coptotermi
  • Anthorhynchus hanumanthi
  • termite gregarines