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Experimental study of cure process of foam rubber: observation of cell structure

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Experimental study has been made during cure process of SBR/NR foam rubber. Rubber sample with 30 mm thick, made up by stacking thin rubber sheets in layers, was packed in a metal mold, and peroxide cure was performed by transient heat conduction. Rubber heating time was changed in several steps in order to study the effects of the cure time on the blowing characteristics. Also swelling test was conducted in order to study the relation between the cell structure and the crosslink density. Typical temperature field of one-dimensional, transient heat conduction was observed, and results of the observation studies showed that the cell structure changed depending on both the position from the heating surface and the heating time, and two extreme cell structure, open-cell foam, and closed-cell foam, was clearly observed. Image analyses of the cell structure showed that the porosity distribution increased with the increase of the distance from the heating surface, and the porosity was lower for longer heating time at a same position. Average area of the foam almost took similar results for the result of the porosity, and these various quantities were correlated to the crosslink density.

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Tsuji, H., Nozu, S., Fujiwara, W. et al. Experimental study of cure process of foam rubber: observation of cell structure. J Mech Sci Technol 21, 1677 (2007). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03177393

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  • Foam rubber
  • Cell structure
  • Crosslink density
  • Image analysis