Chemical examination of the fixed oil derived from the wood ofPterocarpus Marsupium Roxb.—Part I

  • Prithwi Nath Bhargava


The wood shavings ofPterocarpus Marsupium on extraction with petroleum-ether (b.p. 40–60°C.) have been found to yield 0·52% of a semidrying oil havingd 25° 0·9082,n d 25°c. 1·4648, acid value 18–68, sap. value 189·9, acetyl value 40·5, Hehner value 94·4, iodine value (Wijs) 105·8 and unsaponifiable matter 7·5%.

The component liquid acids on further examination have been found to give linolenic 3·38%, linoleic 35·91% and oleic 41·59%.

The solid fatty acids being insufficient for a thorough quantitative examination, have been examined qualitatively only and are found to yield palmitic and stearic acids.


Stearic Acid Unsaponifiable Matter Caustic Soda Liquid Acid Hydroxy Stearic Acid 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Prithwi Nath Bhargava
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  1. 1.Chemistry DepartmentBenares Hindu UniversityIndia

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