Carbonates and Evaporites

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Formation microscanner applications in the study of subsurface paleozoic carbonate rocks: Southwestern Ontario, Canada

  • Robert T. Wolfsberger
  • Ed P. Welychka
  • Eric J. W. Standen


The Formation MicroScanner (FMS) service, introduced by Schlumberger in 1985, has been used successfully on several Trenton — Black River (Ordovician) wells in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, to aid in structural and stratigraphic interpretation.

The FMS tool, similar to the Dual Dipmeter tool, has arrays of microelectrodes added on two or all four caliper pads. The microconductivity, measured at a high sample rate, provides an oriented image displayed on a variable intensity grey scale. A colour image is also available when working on a SUN Workstation (FMS Image Examiner System).

Examples of FMS images obtained in the Trenton and Black River formations illustrate open and healed fractures, secondary porosity developments, changes in porosity, and thin bedding features. The use of these images for reservoir evaluation, completion strategies, and development drilling is discussed.


Ordovician Stylolite Fracture Porosity Intercrystalline Porosity Michigan Basin 
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  • Robert T. Wolfsberger
    • 1
  • Ed P. Welychka
    • 2
  • Eric J. W. Standen
    • 3
  1. 1.Schlumberger Well ServicesFairmontUSA
  2. 2.PPC Oil & Gas Corp.LondonCanada
  3. 3.Middle East (MEA): Schlumberger Technical ServicesCairoEgypt

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