Carbonates and Evaporites

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Petroleum potential of paleozoic sequences in sedimentary basins of north-western China

  • V. B. Lyatsky
  • Fong G. 
  • Ha T. 


In view of the energy shortage in China, which is hampering economic expansion there, China is stepping up its exploration effort, particularly in the unexplored portion of the Xinjiang Province, and especially on the Tarim Platform.

We present the results of the “Atlas of Petroleum Geology of Central Asia” (Project conducted in Home Oil Company in 1987/88): a preliminary model for petroleum exploration of the Paleozoic Sequences in the Tarim Platform. Its petroleum potential is investigated in the broad context of the geology of Central Asia, from the Caspian Sea in the west to Mongolia and Tibet in the east. Such an approach allowed us to do a comparative analysis of the undeveloped areas in north-west China with the densely drilled Turanian Platform in the neighboring Soviet territories. Both platforms developed tectonically over a number of crystalline Precambrian blocks. However, the Turanian platform was mostly involved in the Hercynian orogeny, whereas the Tarim Platform remained stable from the Sinian (Late Proterozoic in China) through all of the Phanerozoic. In contrast to the Turanian Platform, which is gas-prone, especially in the Mesozoic sequences, the Junggar Basin of the Xinjiang Province is oil-productive. We believe that even more prospective areas for giant oil discoveries are located in the Tarim Platform of the Xinjiang Province. In the northern part of the Tarim Platform in the Kucha Basin, the petroleum potential of the Paleozoic rocks has already been proven by drilling. However, the undrilled southern Yarkend Basin appears to hold the best prospects for giant oil discovery on the platform. In this basin, Paleozoic carbonates and evaporites infill an earlier pericratonic depression (foreland).


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