Promoting inquiry-based science instruction: The validation of the Ccience Teacher Inquiry Rubric (STIR)


DOI: 10.1007/BF03173842

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Bodzin, A.M. & Beerer, K.M. J Elem Sci Edu (2003) 15: 39. doi:10.1007/BF03173842


The National Science Education Standards recognize that inquiry-based instruction holds significant promise for developing scientifically literate students. The Science Teacher Inquiry Rubric (STIR) was developed based upon the National Science Education Standards’ essential features of inquiry instruction (NRC, 2000). A pilot study using a purposive sample of ten science teachers was conducted to establish the rubric as both an observation tool and a self-reflection instrument. While the overall correlation of the instrument (r=.58) does not support its use as a self-assessment instrument, a perfect correlation between two raters (r=1) established the STIR as an effective observation tool. Additionally, the validation of the instrument provided various insights into the teaching of inquiry in science classrooms.

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  1. 1.Science EducationLehigh UniversityBethlehem
  2. 2.Quakertown Community School DistrictUSA

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