A simple nomogram for the rate of ascent of rubber balloons and improved technique with balloons and balloon material

  • S. L. Malurkar


The formula for the rate of ascent of a rubber balloon filled with a lighter gas contains two other variables, the dead weight of the balloon and the free-lift of the inflated balloon. Usually many graphs have to be drawn connecting the three variables for use. By a simple transformation it is shown that all the formulae are reduced to Y3=(Y+X)2 which can be graphed easily. The importance of this formula is explained by showing that there is little actual difference in the rate of ascent whether the weight of attachments are added to the dead-weight of the balloon or subtracted from the free-lift before applying the formula.

To utilise balloons economically and predetermine their behaviour in practice, it is necessary to make comparisons quantitatively. Simple formulæ are given.

A method of pasting two sheets of cellophane material is given which leads to a gas-tight and moisture-proof joint.


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