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Thrombus in a normal left ventricle

  • B. S. N. AlzandEmail author
  • M. Ilhan
  • J. G. Meeder
Imaging in cardiology


A 47-year-old women known to have mixed connective tissue disease and hypertension, presented with acute right leg pain requiring urgent right common femoral artery embolectomy with fasciotomy. During the immediate postoperative period, full-dose heparin and oral anticoagulant therapy were started. An echocardiogram revealed an echo-dense mass in the left ventricular cavity, but no additional cardiac abnormality (figure 1). On the sixth day of admission the patient developed a cerebrovascular accident with echocardiographic disappearance of the left ventricular mass.


Dilate Cardiomyopathy Left Ventricular Mass Connective Tissue Disease Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Left Ventricular Cavity 
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