Causes of failure and revision surgery in otosclerosis
  • J. V. D. Hough
  • R. kent Dyer
  • R. S. Greval
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With the proliferation in the varied techniques of surgery for restoration of hearing in patients with conductive loss secondary to otosclerosis, the need does arise for revision surgery in selected cases of corrigible failures or complications. The merits of stapedectomy employing the preserved posterior stapedial crus or homograft stapes prosthesis are discussed. Stapedotomy is suitable for obliterative otosclerosis. Revision stapedectomy should be attempted only by the experienced surgeon after critical appraisal of all factors likely to benefit the patient.


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  • R. kent Dyer
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  • R. S. Greval
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  1. 1.Otologic Medical Inc (JVDH)University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre (JVDH)Oklahoma
  2. 2.Hough Ear Institute (JVDH; RKD)Oklahoma city
  3. 3.Dayanand Medical College & HospitalLudhina. (Punjab)

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