Slow rotation of a sphere in a non-Newtonian fluid with or without suction or injection

  • R. K. Bhatnagar


The flow generated by the rotation of a sphere in an infinitely extending fluid has recently been studied by Goldshtik. The corresponding problem for non-Newtonian Reiner-Rivlin fluids has been studied by Datta. Bhatnagar and Rajeswari have studied the secondary flow between two concentric spheres rotating about an axis in the non-Newtonian fluids. This last investigation was further generalised by Rajeswari to include the effects of small radial suction or injection.

In Part A of the present investigation, we have studied the secondary flow generated by the slow rotation of a single sphere in non-Newtonian fluid obeying the Rivlin-Ericksen constitutive equation. In Part B, the effects of small suction or injection have been studied which is applied in an arbitrary direction at the surface of the sphere.

In the absence of suction or injection, the secondary flow for small values of the visco-elastic parameter is similar to that of Newtonian fluids with inclusion of inertia terms in the Oseen approximation. If this parameter exceeds Kc = 18R/219, whereR is the Reynolds number, the breaking of the flow field takes place into two domains, in one of which the stream lines form closed loops. For still higher values of this parameter, the complete reversal of the sense of the flow takes place.

When suction or injection is included, the breaking of the flow persists under certain condition investigated in this paper. When this condition is broken, the breaking of the flow is obliterated.


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  • R. K. Bhatnagar
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  1. 1.Department of Applied MathematicsIndian Institute of ScienceBangalore

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