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Korea in the post-cold War Era

  • Kwang Soo Choi
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As mentioned earlier, the Korean peninsula remains unfortunately one of the last vestiges of the Cold War. And it is essentially up to the 70 million Korean people in the South and the North to wash away the undesirable legacies of the old regimes, to institute a solid structure of peace and stability on their land, and to lay the foundation for unification. And this task must be achieved at the latest by the end of this century. A new order is now emerging in East Asia. The unification of Korea is essential for this new order to evolve.

To this end, the Republic of Korea will exert every effort to reach modus vivendi with the North at the earliest time and to put into effect the agreements and commitments made at the conference table. The resolution of the nuclear issue is of utmost importance in creating an environment in which both sides will be able to deal with each other with reasonable mutual trust and confidence.

While seeking the process of reconciliation and reunification, the Republic of Korea hopes to play, even modestly, a positive role in the shaping of a new order of peace, stability and prosperity in East Asia. It will continue to cooperative closely with the United States and Japan, and will endeavor to promote its growing relations with China and Russia and other countries of the CIS.

The eradication of the Cold War legacies on the Korean peninsula and its outcome will be one of the basic barometers for the future shape of a new order in East Asia. Korea will work vigorously toward this end in the belief that by so doing Korea will become an important factor in the emergence of the new order in East Asia.


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