The American Journal of Digestive Diseases

, Volume 1, Issue 8, pp 614–617 | Cite as

Discussion and appraisal of some functional disturbances of the digestive tract

  • H. F. Kramer
Clinical Medicine: Diseases Of Digestion


A routine study of the functions of the digestive tract will define more clearly the causes of the multiple and vague complaints which patients, unjustly accused of being neurotic, unfold, and will help to clarify the confusion of mind which most physicians bring to treatment. If this is done then there will be less need of the sign which Alvarez (9) has suggested for the waiting room of the intolerant physician:

“Nervous patients need not apply here because they will receive neither courtesy, proper attention, nor help.”


Food Allergy Gall Bladder Functional Disturbance Digestive Tube Duodenal Obstruction 
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