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Toxicity Studies on Stilbestrol

  • A. H. Aaron
  • Frank Meyers
  • Morton H. Lipsitz
  • Roger S. Hubbard


Thirty patients with chronic arthritis were treated with maximum doses of stilbestrol (1–3 mg. daily for periods ranging from five to nine weeks, receiving amounts varying from 55 to 189 mg.). The outstanding clinical observation was a marked improvement in general well-being in eighty per cent of the group. Nausea occurred in fifty per cent but was controlled by reduction of dosage and in no instance was it necessary to discontinue treatment because of this complaint.

An analysis of the results of liver function tests both before and after treatment with stilbestrol (bilirubin excretion, hippuric acid excretion, icterus index, van den Bergh, cholesterol, and cholesterol esters partition) showed no evidence of liver damage. There was no significant change in the blood count, urinalysis, blood urea and blood glucose after stilbestrol therapy.


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  • Frank Meyers
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  • Morton H. Lipsitz
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  • Roger S. Hubbard
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