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Tc-99m-tetrofosmin scintigraphy in a primary giant cell tumor of bone with pulmonary metastases

  • Zeynep Yapar
  • Mustafa Kibar
  • Serdar Ozbarlas
  • Berksoy Sahin
  • Aysun Uguz
  • Gulfiliz Gonlusen
  • Mehmet Emin Inal
Case Reports


Giant cell tumor (GCT) is usually considered to be a benign entity. In rare cases, pulmonary metastases can be observed. This report documents the99mTc-tetrofosmin scan findings of a conventional GCT of the femur and developed pulmonary nodules. The lung lesions were felt to be an example of benign metastases. According to our review, this is the first case in the literature demonstrating tetrofosmin accumulation in a GCT of bone and its pulmonary metastases.

Key words

Tc-99m-tetrofosmin giant cell tumor of bone pulmonary metastases 


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  • Mustafa Kibar
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  • Serdar Ozbarlas
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  • Berksoy Sahin
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  • Aysun Uguz
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  • Gulfiliz Gonlusen
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  • Mehmet Emin Inal
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