Graphs and Combinatorics

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A problem related to Foulkes’s conjecture

  • C. Coker
Graphs and Combinatoric


In this paper we study a class of symmetric matricesT indexed by positive integers m≥ n≥2 and defined as follows: for any positive integersp andq let ℬp,q be the set of partitions ofU = {1,2,3, ...,pq} into p blocks each of sizeq. Letmn ≥ 2 be positive integers. By atransversal of α = A1/A2/.../An ∈ ℬn,m we mean a partitionß = B1/B2/.../Bm m,n such that ‖A i B j = 1 for every i= 1,2, ...,n and everyj = 1,2, ...,m. LetM be the zero-one matrix with rows indexed by the elements of ℬn,m and columns indexed by the elements of ℬm,n such that Mαß = 1 iffß is a transversal of α. We are interested in finding the eigenvalues and eigenspaces of the symmetric matrixT = MMt. The nonsingularity ofT implies Foulkes’s Conjecture (for these values of m andn). In the casen = 2 we completely determine the eigenvalues and eigenspaces of T and in so doing demonstrate the non-singularity ofT. Forn = 3 we develop a fast algorithm for computing the eigenvalues ofT, and give numerical results in the cases m = 3,4, 5, 6.


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