Journal of Genetics

, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 522–534 | Cite as

Studies onRanunculus ficaria

  • E. M. Marsden-Jones
  • W. B. Turrill


An account is given of a wide range of plants ofRanunculus ficaria collected from a number of English counties. Various stock plants from among these were selfed and crossed together under full control. Analysis of stock plants and families has been for: presence or absence of tubers in the axils of the cauline leaves, leaf shape, leaf margin, mottling of leaf surface, anthocyanin blotch on leaf surface, petal colour, anthocyanin on back of petals, and sex. Many of the plants have been examined cytologically. The characters listed have been shown to have genetic bases, and for some it has been possible to suggest genetic details.


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  • E. M. Marsden-Jones
  • W. B. Turrill

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