Noise assessment in LCA - a methodology attempt: A case study with various means of transportation on a set trip

6th SETAC-Europe Meeting: LCA - Selected Papers


The present work focuses on impact assessment of noise disturbance in the framework of LCA studies.

A number of difficulties arose in the course of the study, namely expressing noise measurements in an easy-to-handle unit, imputing disturbance engendered by several simultaneous sources to every single source, handling additive quantities non-linearly, taking into account the space and time dependence of potential impacts associated with noise,

It is shown how all these issues were tackled in a I.CA study that assessed different modes of transportation. The methodology developed takes into account the disturbance to noise level exceeding a set threshold and no other kinds of noise effects.

It is obvious that disturbance due to noise emissions depends on people density in the neighborhood of the emission source. In this context, a “site-dependent approach” was taken, meaning that we did include local factors into the valuation. The methodology developed in this article may be extended to other types of emissions when it is necessary to integrate local factors in the assessment phase of LCA.


Disturbance, noise, in the framework of LCA impact, noise disturbance LCA, noise evaluation local factors, noise impact assessment noise assessment in LCA site-dependent approach, noise assessment 


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