Wastepaper in Mumbai (India) an approach for abridged life cycle assessment

LCA Case Studies

DOI: 10.1007/BF02978552

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Sharma, V.K. Int. J. LCA (2000) 5: 12. doi:10.1007/BF02978552


In this study, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of waste-paper was conducted in Mumbai (India). The wastepaper cycle was divided into four main life stages - Generation, Collection, Utilisation and Disposal. A survey of major stakeholders involved in this cycle, namely informal waste-pickers, buyers, wholesalers and paper manufacturers, was carried out to determine the socio-economic and environmental aspect of each stage. The LCA Abridged Matrix Method was applied for Life Cycle Assessment. The resulting LCA matrix showed that, while there was a moderate environmental impact of wastepaper during generation, collection and disposal stages, the utilisation stage had a significant impact on the environment, especially during manufacturing in paper factories


CBA Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) disposal of waste-paper EIA Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) environmental impact of wastepaper India LCA abridged matrix method LCA Life Cycle Assessment Mumbai municipal solid waste (MSW) in India socio-economic aspect of wastepaper wastepaper 

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  1. 1.Indira Gandhi Institute of Development ResearchMumbaiIndia

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