Pentacyclic triterpenoids fromllex macropoda

  • Dae Keun KimEmail author
  • II Yong Nam
  • Jin Wook Kim
  • Tae Yong Shin
  • Jong Pil Lim
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Six compounds were isolated from the twigs ofIlex macropoda. Their structures were elucidated as betulinic acid, lupeol, betulone, betulin, erythrodiol and 11-oxo-erythrodiol by physicochemical and spectroscopic analysis. Among them, lupeol, betulone, erythrodiol and 11-oxo-erythrodiol were isolated for the first time from this plant.

Key words

Ilex macropoda Aquifoliaceae Lupeol Betulone Betulin Erythrodiol 11-oxo-erythrodiol Betulinic acid 


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  • Jin Wook Kim
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