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Part II. Reviews & bibliographical notices



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  1. 1a.
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  2. 1b.
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  3. 1c.
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  1. 1.
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  2. 2.
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  1. 2a.
    Urgent Symptoms in Medical Practice. ByRobert Saundby, M.D. London: Edward Arnold, 1915. 8vo. Pp. 437.Google Scholar
  2. 2b.
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  3. 2c.
    Bodily Changes in Pain, Hunger, Fear and Rage: An Account of Recent Researches into the Function of Emotional Excitement. ByWalter B. Cannon, George Higginson Professor of Physiology in Harvard University. New York and London: D. Appleton and Company. 1915. Demy 8vo. Pp. xiii + 311.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  4. 2d.
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  5. 2e.
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  6. 2f.
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  7. 2g.
    Infectious Disease in Serbia. ByJohn Furse M’millan, late R.A.M.C. London: Baillière, Tindall and Cox. 1915. Small 8vo. Pp. 16.Google Scholar
  8. 2h.
    Rhizopod Protozoa, the Cause of Cancer and other Diseases, being Part IV. of “ Protozoa and Disease. ” ByJ. Jackson Clarke, M.B., F.R.C.S. London: Baillière, Tindall and Cox. 1915. F. scp. quarto. Pp. xiv+187.Google Scholar
  9. 2i.
    Radiography, X-ray Therapeutics, and Radium Therapy. ByRobert Knox, M.D. (Edin.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.); Hon. Radiographer, King’s College Hospital, London; Director, Electrical and Radiotherapeutic Department, Cancer Hospital, London; Hon. Radiographer, Great Northern Central Hospital, London; Captain R.A.M.C. (T.), 4th London General Hospital, in Charge of X-ray Department. With 64 Plates, 246 Illustrations in the Text, and a Frontispiece in Colour. London: A. & C Black, Ltd. 1915. Super Royal 8vo. Pp. xxi. + 406.Google Scholar
  10. 2j.
    Transactions of the American Otological Society. 48th Annual Meeting. Volume XIII. Part 3.Google Scholar
  11. 2k.
    The Structure of the Fowl. ByO. Charnock Bradley, M.D. London: A.and C.Black. 1915. Crown 8vo. Pp. xii + 153.Google Scholar

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