Contemporary Jewry

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Argentine jewry: ethnicity and problems

  • Seymour B Liebman


Naomi Meyer, a reporter of Argentine Jewry forThe American Jewish Year Book wrote in 1973 of ‘a steady decline in circumcision’ A Jewish cultural decline was also indicated by the demise ofComentano, a magazine published by the Institute Argentino Judio (affiliated with the American Jewish Committee) possessing a greater Jewish content than the AmericanCommentary Also, the Jewish community was unable to fund a chair in Judaica at the University

In 1973 only 5% of Argentine Jews purchased an Israel bond, and only 32,000 contributed toMagbit the U J A campaign The survival of Judaism, as conceded by all conversant with Argentine Jewry, is a major problem They continue to be alarmed by a growing disinterest in Judaism and the extreme apathy of the third and fourth generations

Apathy, anti-Semitism, disinterest, and radicalism may bring about a decimation of Argentine Jewry comparable to the toll taken by the Holocaust


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