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Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in sugarcane

  • B. S. Raskar
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A field experiment was conducted during spring seasons of 2000–01 and 2001–2002 to evaluate the usefulness of herbicides for weed control in sugarcane. Significant reduction in weed density and weed dry matter at 120 days after planting was obtained with pre-emergence application of metribuzin 1.5 kg ha-1 supplemented with post emergence application of 2,4-D Na salt 1 kg ha-1. Highest cane and CCS yields were also obtained with aforesaid treatment and they were 36.32 and 50.10% higher than weedy check, respectively. The net return and benefit : cost ratio were also highest in the treatment, application of metribuzin (pre) supplemented with 2,4-D Na salt (post). In order of economics, pre-emergence application of metribuzin ranked second.


Sugarcane herbicides yield and economics 


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  • B. S. Raskar
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  1. 1.Water Management ProjectMahatma Phule Krishi VidyapeethIndia

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