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Apoptosis and aging in mitochondrial morphology mutants ofS. cerevisiae



Cell viability during chronological aging and after apoptotic stimuli in some yeast mutants with altered mitochondrial morphology was followed; a function for the corresponding genes in the apoptotic process was assessed.MDM30 andDNM1, the genes encoding an F-box protein and the dynamin-related GTPase, respectively, are involved in triggering aging and apoptosis. In contrast,YME1, encoding a subunit of the mitochondrial inner membrane i-AAA proteinase complex, has a protective role in these processes.FIS1, the mitochondrial fission gene, might play a protective role after an apoptotic insult while it seems to promote cell death in aging cells.



green fluorescent protein(s)


polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase (EC




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