The microbial production of polyhydroxybutyrate from methanol

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One hundred strains of methanol-utilizing bacteria were isolated. From them a methylotrophic strain 8502-3 was selected out for biodegradable plastics polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production on methanol. It was namedHyphomicrobium zavarzinii subsp.chengduense subsp. nov. The PHB production was performed with both fed batch and continuous fermentation. The high mol wt of PHB, ranging from 0.9×106 to 1.3×106 dalton, was obtained from methanol. PHB content in cells ranging from 40 to 59% was found with the highest productivity of 0.64 g PHB/L/h.

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Correspondence to Shujie Zhao.

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There were 23 members involved in the study. H. Feng worked at the Beijing Academy of Chemical Engineering.

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