Microgravity Science and Technology

, Volume 19, Issue 3–4, pp 84–86 | Cite as

Effect of shape of HZ liquid bridge on particle accumulation structure (PAS)

  • Yukiko AbeEmail author
  • Ichiro Ueno
  • Hiroshi Kawamura
Two-Phase Systems


We focus on the dynamic particle accumulation structure (PAS) due to thermocapillary effect in a half-zone liquid bridge. Effects of shape of liquid bridge upon shape of the PAS itself and motion of particle on the PAS are discussed in the present study by tracking particles in the liquid bridge and by measuring temperature over the free surface. It is found that the variation of the shape of the liquid bridge leads to a significant variation of the temperature gradient on the free surface, which results in difference of the shape of the PAS. The variation of the PAS shape is mainly explained by drastic change of the axial velocity of the particle and less change of its azimuthal velocity near the free surface.


Liquid Bridge Marangoni Number Thermocapillary Convection Surface Temperature Distribution Axial Temperature Gradient 
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  1. 1.Div. Mech. Eng., Sch. Sci. & Tech.Tokyo University of ScienceNoda, ChibaJapan
  2. 2.Dept. Mech. Eng., Fac. Sci. & Tech.Tokyo University of ScienceJapan

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