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The effect of preaging on the delayed aging of Al−7Si−0.3Mg

  • S. Murali
  • Y. Arunkumar
  • P. V. J. Chetty
  • K. S. Raman
  • K. S. S. Murthy
Aluminum Research Summary


Al−7Si−0.3Mg is a commonly used commercial casting alloy because of its excellent castability combined with good mechanical properties. The post-casting heat treatment isone factor that affects the mechanical properties; during heat treatment, a delay between solutionizing and artificial aging (delayed aging) leads to a reduction in hardness, ultimate tensile strength, and yield strength in the alloy. The investigation reported here was aimed at understanding the extent to which the harmful effect of delayed aging on hardness/strenght can be nullified. The results obtained were explained using Pashley’s kinetic model.


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  • S. Murali
  • Y. Arunkumar
  • P. V. J. Chetty
  • K. S. Raman
  • K. S. S. Murthy

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