Some aspects of the large scale fluctuations of summer monsoon rainfall over India in relation to fluctuations in the planetary and regional scale circulation parameters

  • D R Sikka


Year-to-year fluctuations of summer monsoon (June–September) rainfall of India are studied in relation to planetary and regional scale features. Anomalous epochs in the monsoon rainfall have been found to coincide with the epochs having anomalous patterns of temperature distribution in the northern hemispheric extratropics as well as with the spells of years having anomalous patterns of sea surface temperature distribution in the equatorial Pacific Ocean (EL-Nino phenomenon).

Relationship between monsoonal rainfall and regional atmospheric circulation features is studied by compositing data of five good and five bad monsoon rainfall years over India. A comparison of the two data sets yields interesting relationships between the anomalous patterns of rainfall on the one hand and atmospheric parameters on the other. On the average parameters of monsoon depressions are more or less the same among the two types of composites. The most important distinguishing feature of good monsoon years is the greater frequency of cyclogenesis (monsoon lows included) on the regional scale which keeps the monsoon trough near its normal position and with concomitant higher cyclonic vorticity in the trough zone contributes to greater seasonal rainfall on the regional scale during good monsoon years.


Summer monsoon fluctuations monsoon rainfall regional atmospheric circulation southern oscillation 


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  • D R Sikka
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  1. 1.Indian Institute of Tropical MeteorologyPuneIndia

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