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CERN document server: Document management system for grey literature in a networked environment

  • Martin VeselyEmail author
  • Thomas Baron
  • Jean-Yves Le Meur
  • Tibor Simko
Part Three: Search Engines Are Growing Grey


In this paper we briefly described the current status of research in the field of digital libraries interoperability, mainly with respect to federated data processing such as permitted within the Open Archive Initiative framework. We then presented the CERN Document Server Software suite that is a free software package main-tained by CERN providing an online digital library solution for mid- to large-sized document repositories. The set of CDSware modules was described and the differ-ences with other existing tools briefly mentioned. Finally we have mentioned a typical usage statistics illustrating the scope of grey literature and networked con-ditions of the CERN Document Server.

We pointed out that the current trend in grey literature management goes toward institutional repositories build upon the distributed and federated model. Further research is going on within the CDS collaboration in this area, focused particularly on (i) semantic interoperability using ontologies in distributed and federated data processing and (ii) ranking technologies when searching grey literature in OAI compliant repositories.


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  • Martin Vesely
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  • Thomas Baron
  • Jean-Yves Le Meur
  • Tibor Simko
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