Sexuality & Culture

, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 28–48

Demographic characteristics of persons using pornography in three technological contexts

  • Timothy Buzzell


Significant attention is being given to the impact of the Internet on forms of “cybersex”. Few studies of cybersex have provided cross-sectional analysis of pornography use. Moreover, no analysis has contrasted pornography on the Internet with other technological forms. This is problematic when attempting to evaluate the impact technology has had on pornography use. In an attempt to address the question posed by Stern and Handel (2001), “does technology matter?” to pornography use, this study reports descriptive findings from the General Social Survey since 1973. Specifically, three technological contexts were operationalized from items in the GSS to describe pornography use and the demographic characteristics of persons who use pornography in three technologies: film, theater or VCR, or websites. A greater proportion of people, who reported use of pornography were males, young persons, and persons who lived in urban areas. Variations in other demographic characteristics such as employment status and income, however, suggested that technology does make a difference in pornography access and, thus, use.


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  • Timothy Buzzell
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  1. 1.Department of History, Political Science & SociologyBaker UniversityBaldwin City

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