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GA, ABA, phenol interaction in the control of growth: Phenolic compounds as effective modulators of GA-ABA interaction in radish seedlings

  • S. D. Ray
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Abscisic acid, a potent growth inhibitor inhibits hypocotyl growth ofRaphanus sativus seedlings. Phenolic compounds,viz., trans-cinnamic acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, salicylic acid, tannic acid and quercetin when applied with ABA, antagonize ABA action and restore normal seedling growth.

Gibberellic acid promotes hypocotyl growth and on combined application with ABA, the ratio of their concentrations determines the course of the resultant growth. This interaction can be modulated by phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds in low concentrations when present together with GA and ABA, favour GA-induced growth by antagonizing the inhibitory influence of ABA.

The inhibitory action of abscisic acid on a wide range of growth processes is so far known to be reversed only by growth promoting hormones,viz., IAA, GA and cytokinins. Antagonistic action of phenolic compounds towards ABA, and increasing the action of GA when present together with GA and ABA, establishes a dual role to this class of compounds; balancing the effect of both growth promoting and growth inhibiting hormones.


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