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Iron equilibrium

Clinical observations on nutritional anemia
  • Alfaretta Clara Johnson


One of the basic considerations in iron deficiency anemia is supplying adequate amounts of protein and iron. The function of the diet is to provide all of the nutritional materials simultaneously. Individual differences must be recognized in the daily recommended dietary allowance. Iron supplementation should be built on the premise that the food will carry some of the iron. For example, in pregnancy it will take 10 servings of iron containing foods to meet the daily normal iron need. The limits of the intestinal tract prevent the use of more than two pounds of fruits and vegetables a day. It would be impossible to meet the iron need in anemia by more food alone. Supplementary elemental iron should be offered either in the presence of ascorbic acid or some other acid, and not in the presence of high phosphorus content of diet or medications. If calcium or other alkaline materials must be given, they should be given separate from and not with the supplemental ferrous or ferric compounds.


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