Study on components of furfural residue from corncob

  • Zhang Shi


In this paper, the components of furfural residue are analyzed. Total sugar content occupies 47.36% of absolute drying residue, and glucose occupies 83.23% of total sugar content. By combining the phenyl nucleus exchange reaction with nitrobenzene oxidation, the quantity of structural units of phenyl nuclei was determined, products from syringyl units occupy 50% of klason lignin. Especially, diphenyl methane type syringyl units occupy 38.80%, and guaiacyl units 25%, other condensed guaiacyl units about 20%. The furfural residue is not a good material for the manufacture of adhesives, but for active carbon. The yield of furfural residue may achieve about 350 thousand tons per year, but it has not been used in industry in China.

Key words

Hydrolysis of corncob Lignin Nucleus exchange reaction Alkaline nitrobenzene oxidation Guaiacyl nuclei Syringyl nuclei Glucose 


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