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Studies of biochemical parameters in breast cancer with and without metastasis



The study includes 102 confirmed cases of carcinoma breast with and without metastasis and 25 healthy non-pregnant females. They were evaluated for blood levels of Ferritin, GSH, LDH, ALP, GGT and Hb before and 21 days after mastectomy. A significant increase (p<0.001) was observed in ferritin, LDH and GSH levels in cancer patients without metastasis in comparison to normal control subjects. Patients with metastasis had further elevated (p<0.001) levels of Ferritin, ALP and GGT as compared to non-metastatic patients. Mastectomy in both the cases i.e. with and without metastasis resulted in non-significant decrease in all the biochemical parameters suggesting that longer follow up could confirm post surgery decrease in the biochemical parameters. The results of the study suggest cost effective, usefulness of Ferritin, ALP, GGT and GSH/Hb ratio in differentiating breast cancer patients with and without metastasis which can be assayed in smaller laboratories.

Key Words

Carcinoma breast Metastasis Glutathione Ferritin Lactate dehydrogenase Alkaline phosphatase Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase Diagnostic tools 


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