Compactness for a class of hit-and-miss hyperspaces



In the study of some kind of generalized Vietoris-type topologies for the hyperspace of all nonempty closed subsets of a topological space (X, τ), namely the so called Δ-hit-and-miss-topologies with Δ⊇Cl(X) (or Δ-topologies), which was initiated by the second author in 1965, it is obvious, that the non-compactness of such a hyperspace often depends on the non-compactness even in the lower-semifinite topology (induced by the “hit-sets”), which is contained in all hypertopologies of this type. Otherwise, compactness for these topologies is easily obtained from the compactness of (X, τ) by well-known theorems, if the “miss-sets” are induced either by compact or closed subsets. To obtain a similar result for topologies with “miss-sets” generated by subsets with a property which generalizes both, closedness and compactness especially in the non-Hausdorff case, we use consequently a quite set-theoretical lemma, stated at the beginning.


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  1. 1.Universität Rostock Fachbereich InformatikRostockGermany
  2. 2.Universität Rostock Fachbereich MathematikRostockGermany

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