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Norgold Russet, a new, early maturing potato variety with good type and scab resistance

  • R. H. Johansen


Norgold Russet is an early maturing, oblong to long, russet-skinned variety with a high degree of resistance to common scab. Field trials have shown that Norgold Russet is highly adapted to the midwest and several other potato producing areas in the United States and Canada.

Yield trials in the midwest have shown Norgold Russet to compare favorably with Irish Cobbler in yield but superior to Early Gem and Russet Burbank. When tested in North Dakota, dry matter of Norgold Russet as determined by specific gravity will average approximately 21.0%. Norgold Russet is a good baking and boiling potato, producing a cooked product that is exceptionally white and mealy.


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