Antioxidant activity of resveratrol closely correlates with its monoamine oxidase-A inhibitory activity

  • Yong Nam Han
  • Shi Yong Ryu
  • Byung Hoon Han
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Polyhydroxystilbenes including resveratrol were reported to competitively inhibit monoamine oxidase-A without structural relation with substrates and synthetic inhibitors for the enzyme. We attempt to explore a plausible mechanism for their inhibitory activity on MAO-A. All the polyhydroxystilbenes tested showed the antioxidant activity on liver homogenate. Furthermore, the antioxidant activity turned out to closely correlate with the MAO-A inhibitory activity.


Antioxidant monoamine oxidase inhibitor resveratrol stilbene 


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  • Yong Nam Han
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  • Shi Yong Ryu
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  • Byung Hoon Han
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  1. 1.Natural Products Research InstituteSeoul National UniversitySeoulKorea

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