The cytotaxonomic study of theVicia cracca complex 2. The taxa of the southern part of northern Europe

  • Anna Chrtková-Žertová


In the southern parts of Scandinavia there occur two species of theVicia cracca L. complex:Vicia cracca L., represented by the chromosome race 2n=28, andV. oreophilaŽertová. WhereasV. oreophila predominantly inhabits habitats of primary character, especially near the coast, the tetraploid race ofV. cracca, which is the commonest in other parts of area, occurs predominantly on sites of secondary character, such as the borders of paths, roads, meadows and bushy places. The two species differ in several characters.


Chromosome Number Folia GEOBOTANICA Primary Character Chromosome Race Secondary Character 
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  • Anna Chrtková-Žertová
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  1. 1.Botanical Institute, Czechoslovak Academy of SciencesPrůhonice near PrahaCzechoslovakia

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